I'm not here for the good weather anymore.

This title might sound as if I found something that Australia might have to offer as suppose to good weather. Being a pom (brit living in Australia) yes it actually sounds more like pommy or you pommy c$%t to be exact, is that the vision of Australia is all year long hot weather, beach culture and tanned guys with blonde hair drinking fosters gold from a cooler. “Refer to English people getting mugged off by great branding and bad tasting lager”.

Arriving in a blaze of heat so hot it felt like a hair dryer on full blast pointing at my face. It was January peak summer and I really didn't know what to expect when I arrived apart from feeling I was a million miles away from anything. I had been here before ten years ago but that's a different story all together, as Sydney has changed and was unrecognizable to me.

Like I said before as I arrived in Sydney the vision of having hot sunshine all year long was great. I've only just come to realize that the weather in Australia plays a small part in my life; there are so many other factors that are keeping me here, and probably a lot of other people too. In this short blog I will explain one factor a factor that plays a huge role in my life and what it is to be a Sydneysider. Being a Sydneysider is about being open to change and diversity.

Diversity is the only word to describe this city, it's a broad word but the diversity that this city has is phenomenal. I really want to home in on the eating out culture that Sydneysiders love to do frequently. Eating out is a huge event and the culture has become so huge that going to sample a new taste is exhilarating as the last one, which was probably the night before. Asian food is everywhere and dominated by Thai cuisine. Sydney offers Thai food straight out of the streets of Thailand, I've become an expert on Thai food over the past ten years due to me living in Bangkok for the majority of my twenty's. I know first hand what it feels like to have the most amazing curry cooked by an old food vender next to a garbage tip and rediscovering the same taste in one of Sydney’s infamous Thai restaurants minus the garbage tip.


Being shocked by the authenticity of the Thai food in Sydney was an understatement; every mouth full of Thai food brings me right back to sitting on a plastic stool on the street in Thailand. I have no doubt in my head that Sydney is the only city in the world outside of Thailand that can offer such a traditional taste. I remember eating my first green curry and thinking about how it could taste like the one I had around the corner from my old condo in Bangkok. This moment definitely played a part in me writing this blog and starting my interest in Sydney's huge diversity culture.

I'm absolutely certain that Thai food is not the only cuisine in Sydney that offers true authenticity be Italian, Chinese or Korean they all seem to bring a new level of high standard to cater to the Australian taste buds. Food is just one of many attractions that Sydney has to offer and its ever-expanding infrastructure will continue to draw people from all over the world.

Food is a great example of Sydney’s diversity, with restaurants, food stalls, food halls and pop up trucks opening everyday to contribute to the eating out culture. The streets of Sydney are full of surprises with Thai, Korean, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, and so many more all having an area to live, work and feel right at home in this huge country.

The diversity is immense among restaurants; flavors from all over the world can be sampled on every corner on the streets of Sydney. I count myself lucky to live in such an amazing place were I can sample a taste form every edge of the globe.