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Just a little something.

Glen's passion for photography started a long time ago, and for those who don't know Glen a long  time ago wasn't just the start of his travels or purchasing his first camera. We wonder if Glen ever had that moment when he decided to become a photographer, His family members describe his younger years as being an artist but never a photographer, until Glen reached his mid teens and one trip would change the course of his creative world. A memorable moment sprung to Glen's mind of the first photo's he took on a family holiday to Egypt with only a single use kodak film camera. photography was in Glen's blood and that family holiday changed everything. Being the go-to photographer amongst the family was inspiring for Glen and with the push of his family he can now appreciate the time and patience they spent in the earlier years, pushing him to find new inspiration everyday.

With a background in fine art Glen decided to pursue a qualification in Art & Design that ultimately led him to a bachelors degree in Graphic Design. This wasn't as easy as one, two ,three though. Glen was actually a late graduate and spent most of his twenties traveling the world. Glen purchased his first digital camera in Asia and through the lens he would capture and find inspiration to tell a story of his travels and adventures.

Through out his studies and numerous design jobs Glen has incorporated image wherever possible to keep his photography alive. With a unique and creative eye Glen is able to use his Graphic Design knowledge and incorporate this into his photography. Glen worked his way through film and digital and even though Glen uses modern techniques he is still aware and subconsciously shooting in film using natural light where ever possible. With a his new found style he is able to capture our modern day world with a few old tricks up his sleeve to merge tradition with modernism.

With his new found love for merging street fashion editorial and urban living he has gained a role as an assistant photographer in one of Australia's top studio's. Now on the fast track to becoming a full time photographer he is supported by the studio, his girlfriend and family to reach the top.